Brick installation Machine factory in accordance with the relevant provisions of the plant have been factory test, but because of long-distance transport placement and longer other reasons, should Mianshaozhuanji installation Check the following: 1. Check the brick during transport if there is damage or deformation (with particular attention to the hydraulic line). 2, Haka brick machine machine main parts of fasteners are loose phenomenon. 3. Check the gearbox. Whether the shake table and each cylinder lubrication points required refueling, fuel is appropriate. 4. Also to avoid burning brick comprehensive swabbing work, concrete poker vibrator for sale china even before the test machine moving parts slide relative to each site as required lubrication. If you need to transport the machine apart can be divided into forming device, sent to board device, feeding device, a brick unit, stacking unit, with electronic control devices, according to the assembly relationship assembled in place during installation. Concrete Placing Machine Introduction Concrete placing boom is pumping concrete terminal equipment, and its role is to be pumped through a pipeline to the inside of the concrete pouring for a template member. Category: Hydraulic cloth machine, manual cloth machine (also points 12 meters, 15 meters, 18 meters three kinds) [1] According to different pouring concrete construction environment and individual requirements, has designed for users within the climbing, walking style, ship type, manual and other models, forming the worlds most complete specifications of HG series concrete placing boom. Structure:, plugs ⒁, Stand ⑵, the base is composed of a fixed portion on which is connected through a rotary bearing ⑶ upper revolving portion of the main beams ⑼, balance arm ⑸, balance boom lever ⑹, the composition of the crossbar ⑽ After turning part. There rotary joint on the riser card 篐 ⑻. Human pull through, make the whole part of the rotary swivel 360 degrees. ⑼ upper beam of the main frame has a front end connected to the rotary bearing ⒂ front crossbar ⑿, consisting of the former trolley ⑾ before turning part, driven by human ⒂ can rotate around a rotation bearing 300 degrees. Synthesis movement consists of hot sale hzs25 elba concrete batching plant two parts consisting of a turret radius can cover all cloth fabric points. Fabric Machine Design Fabric machine patented design head cleaning tape machine is a special cleaning requirements for the delivery of concrete mortar design. Blade with carbide material, rectangular section surface, wear and do not hurt the tape, small mortar losses. Feeding belt conveyor design articulated structure by two light truss, hinged on the upper end of the hopper turn on the frame by a hinge to adjust the angle of the cylinder between two truss under; in the lower part of the tape machine, the design of universal wheel, driven in the cylinder to move axially along the truss, adjustable height tape tail. This design makes cloth machine can be the root of this design fabric machine when walking so walking may need to drag the material at the end of the tape machine running without feeding the tape machine disassembly to drag at the tail walking without disassembly, or on material tape machine pack walk on the cloth tape machine. Feeding the tape machine complete pack or remove themselves from the fabric machine, without the use of cranes and other auxiliary equipment. Four nestable telescopic lattice truss cloth tape machine fabric tape machine is designed as a single scalable (multi-section) four telescoping truss support tape machine, the wire rope linkage telescopic friction wheel drive, eccentric guide slide Road. By redirecting multilayer tape around the drum, while stretching the length of the truss can be nested with automatic change around the length of the stack, so that the total length of the tape remain unchanged; eccentric slide ensure accurate alignment when telescoping truss. Imported cloth machine (tire belt machine) is a heavy-duty trucks for the chassis, kt-343b aluminum profile roller bending machine or in off-road tires for crane chassis. The fabric machine patent for the use of self-propelled crawler vehicle chassis, forming a hinge-type structure feeding belt conveyor + + telescopic crawler chassis fabric belt conveyor, for domestic initiative. This innovative design cloth belt machine localization of creating a way to protect the contents of the main fabric machine patents. This design is mainly based on two considerations: First, there is no domestic large off-road tires crane products, the production of tires chassis fabric machine (tire belt machine) is not possible, and domestic mature 50 ~ 80t crawler chassis; two crawler chassis work stability, fabric machine in the slope is less than 4 ° floor, no additional leg can be put to work immediately, good mobility.